The day we went to Bristol…

So I had an interview at Bristol School of Art for a place in September on their Fine Art course.
I was a mess with nerves, I couldn’t eat I felt so sick! I knew then that getting a place here meant everything to me.
So I put my shiney shoes on and took my portfolio to meet them!
It was the best interview ever, so relaxed just like a little chat in someone living room, I really needn’t have worried all that time! and they gave me an…..UNCONDITIONAL OFFER 🙂
I was so utterly shocked and overwhelmed I had no idea what to say and nearly cried but managed to hold it together!!
I took Stephen down with me for support, he was a complete gem to have there (even if I couldn’t really get his soothing words into my head at the time) I couldn’t have done it without him.

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