After I made my little clay bear head I just thought it was so cute that I wanted to make a larger version!
So instead of the series of teddy bear hot air balloons I decided to create a papier mache bear head that I could actually wear!

I made the initial structure from chicken wire as it’s easily manipulated into shapes, then did 3 layers of papier mache to make sure the surface was smooth enough to paint.
Those bloody papier mache layers took me ages! But worth it when it came to painting it.

At first I wanted to paint it so it looked like the teddy bear had a NASA helmet on but then after I mulled it over for a few days I thought it would be better if I painted it like the teddy’s head was actually space.
Using acrylic paint I covered the whole head in a deep navy blue, then to create a milky way type effect I splattered white, light blue and dark blue acrylic paint in a sweeping pattern that wrapped around the head.


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