I am super lucky to know this lady personally!


Lynn is an amazing miniature artist based in Manchester who inbetween making tiny little cakes and animals writes for Doll’s House and Miniatures and creates set props. Her work has been turned into a step by step guide book, Making Mini Food: 30 Polymer Clay Miniatures and for the last few months has been working on her second book due to be released in October.


I first met Lynn last summer when I started working at Oklahoma in Manchester, and I remember when she showed me her miniature work for the first time and being like… THIS IS INSANE! I had seen miniature work before but nothing like Lynn’s.

So it felt all too right to ask Lynn for a sneaky little interview.


So let’s start at the beginning! Where did you go to uni and what did you study?

LA: I went to North East Wales Institute, as it was called then and did Illustration and Publishing of Children’s Books, as I wanted to illustrate children’s books back then but it is notoriously hard to break into! I kind of fell out of love with drawing as I always being told at uni to “loosen up abit”  and being told to do more flowing lines and rough sketches. But that just wasn’t me! I’ve always been meticulous even as a child and I used to draw Disney characters.


What lead you into making miniatures?

LA: I’ve always made stuff, when I was little I used to make stuff out of cardboard along side drawing. I kind of fell into making miniatures, I had some clay and started to make little bits of jewellery and started experimenting with making food.
I started getting more exposure when I did a little series of miniature versions of  the cakes on The Great British Bake Off. Each week I’d replicate the Showstopper and post it on my Instagram and people seemed to like it, I started to get more followers and did an interview with Sainsbury’s about the miniatures! Each baker on Great British Bake Off who made the Showstoppers all bought my miniature version of their cakes, which was so lovely.


What materials do you use to create your miniatures?

LA: I use polymer clay, FIMO clay that you can bake in the oven to set it. Then really it’s just mixing the colours to make the right shade that you want. To build up more detail I use soft pastel chalk which you can rub into a powder and you can paint it on to build up the detail and add more depth. I also use acrylic just on little bits to add definition to the overall look.


As I was looking through the pictures of the miniatures for Lynn’s new book I said that I thought the work was incredible (as always!) and asked her if she realised how amazing they were and how amazing she was having two books out in the space of a year?!

To which Lynn very humbly replied.

LA: I just don’t ever think about it, as soon as I’m finished with one project I think “That’s done, what’s next?” I don’t really know how I’ve made a career out of it!”


To see or buy Lynn’s work here are some little links:



Instagram: tuck_shop

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